Therapy with the vibration fitness plate and whole-body vibration

The machine used in Whole Body Vibration therapy operates with the help of a vibration fitness plate.  This plate functions to enable body movement in three different directions.  The type of body movement varies with the type of vibration plate used.  The basic operation of the power plate is to relax and contract the muscles several number of times in fixed time intervals through the transmission of vibrations produced externally by the vibrating machine.

Aerobic exercises are generally not recommended during the use of a vibrating plate.  It is estimated that ten minutes of work-out using a vibrating plate serves as a substitute for sixty minutes of regular exercises.  Therefore, except a few exercises, most other regular ways of work-out are not really required during the course of vibration therapy.  Use of the vibration plate together with the intake of a balanced diet stimulates the process of weight loss and greatly helps people suffering from severe obesity.

Vibration fitness plate has proponents that directly affect the internal body parts.  The plate acts as a platform for muscle activation and is available in different designs to accommodate various postures of exercises.  Let us try one and enjoy the result!